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  Peru  bird watching

Ornithological tourism represents a new stage in the strategy that the Peruvian Ornithological Society has been developing in its work related to this nature tourism in Peru Birds. An ecotourism modality with a fundamental component, but we understand that it should not be unique, such as birds and their habitats, and that should basically consider their observation and enjoyment, but also the knowledge and interpretation of their interrelations with the environment, with the human being and with the use that he makes of the natural and cultural resources in the Peru Birds.

In this sense, in addition to agriculture or livestock, forestry or fishing, other elements of interest and other components of that cultural, natural and human environment, of which birds are a part of the world, can not be ignored. Thus, its history, architecture, folklore and traditions, gastronomy, culture or crafts … are related in one way or another to the presence of birds in a particular landscape, and must therefore also be contemplated in that offer of ornithological tourism that AMAZON BIRDS defends in Peru.

But special attention must also be paid to the risks and threats that this tourist modality may pose for the conservation of the resource it intends to take advantage of, a resource alive and fragile as our birds are in Peru. And this concern must be reflected in tourism approaches that respect the resource and the environment, and are sustainable over time. Just so These tourism initiatives may also contribute to rural development as a complement to other more or less traditional and cultural economic activities in Peru.

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