• Huanuco: Department
  • Huanuco: Province
  • Location: 9 ° 55’46 ” S 76 ° 14’23 ” W / -9.92944 , -76.23972
  • Distance: 140 km from Lima 120 km from Tingo Mari
  • Foundation August 15, 1539



By car you reach the main road in about five hours and the bus trip takes eight hours there having Huanuco few lines as a direct target , in flight from Lima is reached 45 min from Lima Airport Ensign David

By bus from Lima to Huanuco 8 Hours


Mild and dry with periods of rain between the months of December and April maximum temperature is 26 º C in summer and minimum of 14 º C in winter


Huanuco is located between high mountain country pretty much with spaces conducive peaceful rest and the church of great historical value and beautiful scenery the man was a hair in a place far away from the time they are shown in the caves Lauricocha where human fossil remains were found more than 9,530 years old and cave paintings in these early inhabitants represented their activities. A5 km from the town there is another important legacy temple hands crossed Kotosh built by Yarowilcas makes four thousand years these ancient inhabitants of huanuco also gave us the imposing buildings located in the village of Tamtamayo . Large buildings reaching six stories high and mighty strong Yariwilcas resisted at first the Inca rule , then an alliance that allowed the Incas to build various enclosures even include the Archaeological Huanucopampa complex , there stands the Inca Wasi said to have been inhabited during the Inca settlement constituted some of the insights of the Franciscan missions understood from the jungle and bamba , or one can appreciate home haciendas that were inhabited and built by the order, plus the beautiful campaign surrounds following the route the land of the famous Perricholi that the viceroy Amat duced , Tingo María located 120 km from Huanuco is reached Tomay Kichwa is surrounded by the mountain range of Sleeping Beauty which is National Park Timgo Maria this natural paradise lies the cave of owls and cave dwellings of Pavas diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery and spectacular waterfalls


In the center of the square a granite carved from 1845 is surrounded by gardens and Ficus Jacarandas that gives a lovely touch makes it ideal to sit and take a break while the city is located is appreciated

PLAZA Mariliz:

Located on main square in the district of Mariliz this beautiful square is surrounded by eucalyptus i is perfect for a walk i enjoy the scenery


This beautiful bridge located on the Huallaga river much with three arches of stone and has an area of ​​more than sixty feet long works to bind the city ‘s Near Paucarbambilla


In the shred Damaso Beraun 701 is this modern building built in 1966 after the original fura destroyed cathedral because the field this year features canvases from the Cusco school and a sculpture carved wooden Mr. Burgos pattern Huanuco plus silver candelabra almost two meters high


Built in the sixteenth- century was the center of evangelization for the central region there lived St. Toribio de Mogrovejo and facility houses valuable paintings plus a library worth to visit this exhibition in the 8th block of Jiron de Mayo in the center of city


This romantic style church has a history of more than four hundred years and acid Peru declared historical monument is decorated with paintings of Pérez de Alesio Italian Marco has a neoclassical desataca altar where an image of the Virgin of Mercedes and a silver tabernacle facilities are paintings of the Cusco school and an altar bathed in gold other valuable


It was the first church built by the Spanish in Huánuco in 1542 the first mass was held after the founding of the city decorate wooden sculptures of the Virgin of the Assumption and Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Augustine is facing the square of the same name


In the block of Jiron Damaso Beraun find the second temple built in the city that stands in 1560 was later remodeled following the neoclassical inside yet retains its baroque altars and walls can be seen colonial paintings


The Temple of the Crossed Hands located in the pampas to the right bank of the river fig was built over four thousand years ago and is one of the oldest in the country , visitors can enjoy the cultures of crossed hands is believed to represent the duality, this enclosure has three superimposed and built between 1200 BC and 800 BC temple is located 5 km from the city


In this town you can appreciate a colonial farm house that was inhabited by Franciscan among other buildings built in this order during the trip will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside is just 8 km from the city


Home of Micaela Villegas known as the Pericholi although if there are certain veste controversy over this fact, various sources including texts palm Ricardo loan indicated as true, h is a beautiful village with narrow streets and colonial houses with balconies and gardens , and is 18 km from Huanuco


Is located in the province of May 2 , the complex built in 1460 and founded by Tupac Yupanqui was an administrative and production during the Inca empire from over three thousand Inca structure center include the Inca Wasi where the elite live in Ushno main square where (a structure of ceremonies ) and the ceremonial center is located is 14 km from the city

DE TAMTAMAYO skyscraper:

Tantamayo is a town on the heights there so is the archaeological area with 81 buildings built stones between the tenth and sixteenth- centuries by Yarowilca culture among these huge the most striking buildings is the Castle Susupillo considered the tallest pre -Columbian building America can get from Huanuco seven-hour trip


Only 6 km from the town of 18,000 hectares this park mountain chain composed of Sleeping Beauty so named because of its peaks forming the profile of a sleeping woman is a home to a wide variety of wildlife from birds fish reptiles amphibians is mammals and some of its famous inhabitants is the jaguar and the cock of the rock in which a lot of broken springs rivers and streams is


It is located at the foot of Sleeping Beauty consists of an underground cave system that is home to a colony of Guacharos ( similar to the Owls Birds and bats also parrots the surrounding hinterland as different species of reptiles and amphibians live peace


It is located south of Tingo Maria actually is not a cave but Clough Lucunyupe due to the lush vegetation a cave is formed, in which dwelt lot of wild Pavas for them is named on the right bank of the creek there are steps that can observe viewpoints water wells instead of


It is located on a 75 km route Pucallpa city is an impressive road in the mountains that enables end access to the Amazon plain is part of the beautiful landscape, vegetation and Rock Falls Cannon


It is the right place for bird lovers where you can watch birds in step climber Carpish as the dwarf cattail fly traps golden crown, the nightjars lira choqueco the Amazonian Umbrella bird AND golden-headed Quetzal


In October, the most popular festival of Mr Burgos pattern held city of Huanuco ‘s main 27,28 and 29 in his honor a procession through the main streets of the city in addition to Dance Troupes and realize that castles and processing floreal carpet and dessert tasting Huanuco and other dishes


The vicinity of Tingo María is an area fraught with waterfalls interesting thing about these views to achieve this we must take walks that allow us to observe different varieties of flora and fauna must be from the bridge to access Pérez cascades santa Carmen and Quinceañera composed of two falls that form the natural wells to go to the waterfall from Gloria leg should TAMBILLO Large suspension bridge during the way we have the opportunity to see varieties of orchids and Cock of the Rock , the Nymphs veil over fifty meters high in the town of Chico Tombillo


After the evolution of slavery decreed by Ramon Castilla on December 13, 1854 the slaves took to the streets and celebrated are dancing to the sound of African rhythm while visiting churches and births thank the baby Jesus being celebration became tradition started celebrate all the years of the same date with the passage of time these people were leaving the area but the celebration and dance were held is for this reason that people now use masks to simulate the color and features of African descent


The sets of dancers or the groups belonging to different gangs running COFRAS days dancing in the streets sharing between them the value of their costumes and their ability to dance The people who make up the groups are the foremen and their guiding negritos . Personifying the blacks dan, al. Turkish interpreting the carróchanos alosa the Spaniards and the champions who play mestizos carry banners idéntican them to each of the fraternities each troupe wearing different costumes and ornamental represented different roles along holding masks in initially they were used to cover the absence of black dancers now play an important role and caricature with exaggerated features representatives and gives them an appearance on human not miss this colorful festival full of singing and dancing very happy thanks .